“I don’t change colour, but they call me a coloured man” Swiss – Cry (2006)

“And I don’t even need a chorus, this the type of number that I’d dedicate to Stephen Lawrence“:


“Social rage is REALLY climaxin’, every day I see it getting worse by a fraction” Skinnyman – Fuck the Hook (2004)

Just perfect:

“All that speakin’ her mind, testifyin’ and cryin’, when this bitch did the crime!” Common – Testify (2005)

It’s the gorgeous (and somewhat corny) sampling of Honey Cone – ‘Innocent Til Proven Guilty’ (1992) that makes this for me:

“White people have gold, why can’t I have gold?!” Dead Prez – Wolves (Intro) (2000)

Upon hearing the timeless banger Hip Hop (which itself sends chills: “who shot Biggie Smalls? If we don’t get them, they gon’ get us all…”, I obviously had to run out and buy Let’s Get Free.

But it took me a long-ass time to get past just the intro, which I kept on repeat for days. Mesmerising, and courtesy of Omali Yeshitela:

“The streetlight reflects off the piss on the ground, which reflects off the hamburger sign that turns round, which reflects off the chrome of the BMW, which reflects off the fact that I’m broke – now what the fuck is new?” The Coup – Fat Cats, Bigga Fish (1994)

Quite possibly the best hip-hop track ever?

BONUS: On Genocide & Juice, ‘Fat Cats…’ is beautifully followed by this skit/track. Listen out for an unsubtle parody of a certain future president: