“The streetlight reflects off the piss on the ground, which reflects off the hamburger sign that turns round, which reflects off the chrome of the BMW, which reflects off the fact that I’m broke – now what the fuck is new?” The Coup – Fat Cats, Bigga Fish (1994)

Quite possibly the best hip-hop track ever?

BONUS: On Genocide & Juice, ‘Fat Cats…’ is beautifully followed by this skit/track. Listen out for an unsubtle parody of a certain future president:


“It’s all part of they plan, tellin’ us we three-fifths of a man” Kil Ripkin – That’s Not You (2012)

A conscious jam that still bangs:

“Instead of innings, we have endings” Main Source – Just a Friendly Game of Baseball (1991)

Although it hit us in 1991, it still rings true (in fact, truer) 26 years later…an unbelievably clever concept track/metaphor for the scourge that is police brutality in the US:

“Should I say hello? Or should I say that hell is low?” The Roots ft. Mos Def & Styles P – Rising Down (2008)

So despite my tagline stating how out of date I am, this first post comes straight outta 2008.  This might as well be the distant future, by my archaeic standards.

Dark & dirty, enjoy: